I'm using Visual Studio Code with the Arduino extension. I have two workspaces each with a different sketch file loaded - Sketch_1 and Sketch_2. Sketch_1 will verify and upload properly. When I click on the Verify to compile or Upload buttons for Sketch_2 in its workspace, VS Code verifies and uploads Sketch_1, not Sketch_2. Am I doing something wrong, or is it not possible to separately Verify and Upload different sketches in different workspaces?

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The first time you verify your sketch you are confronted with a list of available sketches (INO's). As soon as you select one of these it gets stored under "sketch" in .vscode/arduino.json. If you zero this, "", you'll once again be asked which sketch to set as "main sketch".

This "device context" is stored per workspace so you might consider narrowing your scope when opening a folder. I know this is no fun when exploring, and the will to switch and try different examples is big, but currently there are nothing that facilitates a smoother alternative.

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