Here is what I want to do (since I'm not a embedded guy)

  • create a prototype with an Arduino to detect objects using camera(object classification?)
  • that prototype will detect objects and alert that object's name

My questions are....

  • Is it possible? :)
  • What things should I use to create a prototype?
  • What camera should I use?
  • Is it related to image processing?
  • Connection between object detection and voice alert?

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    I don't think arduino is sufficient for this. Maybe with camera which can detects objects itself and voice recognition module. – Matej Mar 15 at 10:30

The Arduino is not the ideal platform for you since it is more "lightweight" and can't really meet the demand that your application is expecting.

A platform like for example Raspberry Pi that has a full-blown operating system and a lot of tools that fulfils your application needs.

  • Thank you so much sir!! – Gneo Mar 15 at 16:39

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