I using the above mentioned GPS module with Arduino UNO. I find that I cannot receive the Latitude and Longitude values in the $GPRMC string in the NMEA data, as I used the module inside a concrete building. I got the values when I placed the module just outside the window. But I have noticed that the phones we use can get the location data just fine through their in-built GPS after waiting for just some time. How is this possible? Any way I can achieve this using the Ublox Neo 6M module?

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Mobile phones use the mechanism of assisted GPS.

In contrast to your Arduino U-Blox module it uses the cell tower data your phone can provide to determine your location. This is especially helpful to get a quicker first fix and to get a fix even when you have poor satellite signal conditions. 

That said, this will not be possible using only your GPS module connected to your Arduino.

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