I am trying to send MPU9250 sensor data to Pubnub IOT platform using node mcu, but not able to do it since the sensor data is not in JSON format. I know about publishing string but don't know about variable.

About Pubnub Library - https://github.com/pubnub/arduino

This is the part which I need help in:-


PubNonSubClient *pclient = PubNub.publish(pubchannel, IMU.getAccelX_mss());

But above line has error so how do i send imu sensor data to pubnub? All connections are right and sensor is working since I tested it.

  • Have you tried enabling the debug option? To enable debug logging to the Arduino console, add #define PUBNUB_DEBUG before #include <PubNub.h> – VE7JRO Mar 5 '19 at 20:27
  • format it in json before sending it out, for small payloads, hand-building JSON isn't that hard. – dandavis Mar 6 '19 at 17:51

This is the format which helped me to upload the data successfully. I didn't knew what JSON format was and got stuck. In case if someone stumbles on a similar problem.

char buf[5] = {};

sprintf(buf, "\"%d\"", IMU.getAccelX_mss());

PubNonSubClient *pclient = PubNub.publish(pubchannel, buf);

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