I have a project, and I want to use an ATtiny167(ATtiny87), I know that an Arduino can progam ATtiny84 (84/44/24), ATtiny85 (85/45/25), and ATtiny2313 (4313). but I don't know if it can program an ATtiny87?

thank you for your help.


There is a json for ATtiny 167 at https://playground.arduino.cc/Main/ArduinoOnOtherAtmelChips

So add that json to your preferenses.

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  • Having same issue. Installed raw.githubusercontent.com/damellis/attiny/… already. Trying to program the Roshamglo with virtual USB 1.1 via Micronucleus but even when the device is in and in Bootloader mode, I can not see it with lsusb or in micronucleus. Any suggestions? – Twisty Mar 3 at 20:03

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