I have built a kitchen timer and it is supposed to spend most of its life in sleep mode in order to save power. I am using the SSD1306Ascii library (SPI) by William Greiman.

In this library I have found hints to power on and off commands but I don't know how to use them:

/** Set Display off. */
#define SSD1306_DISPLAYOFF 0xAE
/** Set Display on. */
#define SSD1306_DISPLAYON 0xAF

From what I could gather from the web, I need to re-initialize the display after turning it off and on again. But before I take care of that (which should be simple as it is done in setup anyway) I need to find out how to use these commands.

Would you help out a rookie?

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    So doing oled.ssd1306WriteCmd(0xAE); had no effect? – Maximilian Gerhardt Mar 2 '19 at 9:45
  • Can you post a link to the data sheet/instructions for the display? – Duncan C Mar 2 '19 at 16:26
  • @MaximilianGerhardt It does have aneffect. Even the desirred one. But until you mentioned it I did not know how to use it. I did not stumble upon ssd1306WriteCmd in the documentation - or upon example to be precise. Thank you! – fertchen Mar 9 '19 at 14:31

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