OV7670 image sensor, small volume, low operating voltage, providing all functions of a single chip of VGA camera and image processor. so I am using and ESP8266 to connect to internet and stream the video from the OV7670 on a web, can I do so?

  • a quick search on the internet show that the camera can be used with an arduino, so the answer to your question is yes – jsotola Feb 24 '19 at 22:27
  • @jsotola, but with esp8266 too? and can it be streamed on web, because most of the people are using the ESP32, but i want to do it with ESP8266, ESP32 can host a websocket, can ESP8266 do so too? – Ahmad Feb 24 '19 at 22:29
  • @jsotola and i am working with a NodeMCU – Ahmad Feb 24 '19 at 22:31
  • 1
    if it can be done on an arduino, its 99.9% sure it can be done on an ESP8266 when using arduino framework - also, the fact that you know you can do it on an ESP32 increases the probability of success to 99.99% - the only thing left is for you to do it - networking on ESP8266 is more mature than on ESP32, so in the case of networking, if it works in 32 it WILL work on an 8266 – Jaromanda X Feb 25 '19 at 0:49
  • @JaromandaX and can i use the esp8266 to stream the ov7670 on web? – Ahmad Feb 25 '19 at 20:53

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