I have a simple Low pass filter in my program that stops working after some time (Let say 4 hours or more). 'CRate' is a double type variable between -20 and 100.

uint8_t T_Sample=10; 
double FCR0=100.0, CRate=0, FCR=0;

// CRate is calculated here

 double Tau = 0.001;
 double v = 1000.0 * Tau / T_Sample;  //  Tau/T

 FCR = 1/(v+1.0)*(FCR0 *v  + CRate);    //  Backward    


If I set Tau with a bigger number (500), the loop stops immediately. However, with small values, it works for some hours and then stops. FCR start from FCR0=100 and filters CRate. Do I need to re-write the formula or change the variable to float or whatever else though the variables are within the limitation?

Thank a lot for any help!

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