I have used simple ping pong example found in maniacbug library. I am using Arduino nano + nRF24L01modules.

With this I have one transmitter and two receiver. transmitter sends data on channel zero and receive ack on channel zero from first receiver.after that it sends data to second receiver and receive ack from it. this works fine. receiver module sends data as payload in ack.

Now my problem is that when I add third channel to this network(third receiver), transmitter sends data to third receiver but third receiver not receive any data and it will not send any ack back to transmitter.

I have all hardware tested ok with one to one communication.i have defined pipe address for all six pipes.

Is there any specific consideration for sending payload in ack ?

  • 6 pipes? I only count 3. If I remember correctly, the NRF only has 2 simultaneous reading pipes, and some extra pipes where only the last part differs from pipe nr 2. Could you post the your code running on your 4 nodes. – Gerben Feb 22 at 15:59

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