I have Arduino Due, and I want it to output clock at 3.072MHz (which is a clock rate used for I2S) How do I go about this?

I tried the following code, but it doesn't give the exact rate, and I suppose additional tinkering is required:

void setup() {
int32_t freq = 3072000;
int32_t mask_PWM_pin = digitalPinToBitMask(6);
REG_PMC_PCER1 = 1<<4;
REG_PIOC_PDR |= mask_PWM_pin;
REG_PIOC_ABSR |= mask_PWM_pin;
REG_PWM_CMR7 = 0<<9;
REG_PWM_CPRD7 = 84000000/freq;
REG_PWM_CDTY7 = 42000000/freq;
REG_PWM_ENA = 1<<7;

void loop() {


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