I'm trying to power a tower MG-996R servo with this universal AC power adapter for an arduino uno project. The adapter can output: 3V/4.5V/5V/6V/7.5V/9V/12V.Output current:1.2A, also has a USB port:5V 2.1A.

I tried using the adapter with the 5V setting, but nothing happened. When using the USB port it worked but caused the motor to move sporadically (and burned one motor out - which is why I'm on this forum). Any idea what may be the issue or another recommended approach? Thank you!

Universal Adapter: https://www.amazon.ca/Universal-Multi-Channel-Adjustable-Selectable-Electronics/dp/B07K86XY98/ref=sr_1_5?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1550380138&sr=1-5&keywords=multi+voltage+ac+power+adapter+usb

MG-996R Servo: https://www.electronicoscaldas.com/datasheet/MG996R_Tower-Pro.pdf

  • Look at the stall current. That is the current when the axis is (almost) mechanically blocked. When a servo (without mechanical blocking) starts to turn, the peak current can be near the stall current as well. The stall current is 2.5A, so you need a power supply of at least 2.5A. That said, the 5v 2.1a should work. Do you use a breadboard or thin wires? Look at the circuit wiring and image large current going through the servo motor, that can cause voltages over thin wires. – Jot Feb 17 at 6:34

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