I'm trying to make a voltmeter for my PV system that can range from 24 VC to 120 VDC.

I'm aware of the fact that we have Arduino modules available that can work for 25 VDC system. However in my case it's going to be at least 4-5 times bigger than that.

For now, I was using a voltage divider made out of resistance that was giving me a 5 VDC equivalent output for my current 70 VDC PV system (peak).

For now, I was using a Arduino Mega board, which accepted 5 VDC input. Now I've moved to an ESP 32 which is a 3.3vdc system, and on the other side, I am planning to move to a bigger PV setup that can give over 100-120 VDC output. No doubt that I can still tweak my current voltage divider to accept 120 VDC and output within 3.3 VDC, but I'm a bit skeptical of the accuracy of the system.

Is there anything I can do to make the setup more accurate?

  • I don't think accuracy will be a problem. Do you worry about noise? I guess you want to measure a DC level, so you are free to choose any capacity suitavle to suppress noise. Apart from that I would consider implementing an overvoltage protection circuit instead... – Sim Son Feb 18 '19 at 11:32

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