I have a Nextion 7 inch enhance type display. I have enabled sleep using thsp = 120 and thup = 1 line of code. Now display become sleep mode after 2min, if there is no any touch event.

But, this sleeping is completely turn off the display.

I have several pages and I want to reset to a specific page, if there is no any touch event in any page instead of sleep function.

Greatly appreciate if someone can give a solution for this.


I solved the problem using a Nextion timer. (tm0)

I got a timer and change tim value. ( unfortunately Nexion allow to maximum to 65535mS). vscope should be globle, otherwise you cant use timer in every page.

I reset the timer in page touch event. In timer event I put this code.

if(tm0.tim==60000) //reset time in mS
   page 0 //specific page to load

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