So if I have an IP address IP Address:, is it somehow possible to change a specific byte of that IP to like IP Address: 192.64.**6**.1

My idea is to change the IP Address into variables IP Address: a.b.c.d Now I could say a= 192; b= 64; c= 5 + 1; d= 1

But what if I receive the IP Address: as a String. Is it somehow possible to split it up into 4 parts that I can each individually assign to an integer (a, b, c or d)?


You can do it all with the IPAddress class.

For instance: create an IP address from a string:

IPAddress myAddr(myString);

Create a new IP address with one byte changed:

IPAddress myNewAddr(myAddr[0], myAddr[1], myAddr[2] + 1, myAddr[3]);
  • and myAddr[2] = 6. myAddr[2]+=1 or myAddr[2]++ works too – Juraj Feb 6 '19 at 18:11

Yes, you can split the string with the C library function strtok, than concatenate everything together with your own string with the C library strcat. You can convert strings to atoi, so use the resulting string from strtok with atoi to an integer.

Tip: try it on a PC with a local C compiler, because you can check it very fast (unless you can implement it first time right). Than you copy it to your Arduino sketch. Make sure to start with a char buffer big enough for the biggest possible IP address string.

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