I am an absolute beginner with Arduino IDE and I want to build an interesting device I stumbled upon on github https://github.com/jstiefel/esp32_komoot_ble Problem is I really can not add it to Arduino IDE. I did the wiring for the lcd and all, but please bear in mind i'm an electrician, with a very basic understanding of arduino/ absolute beginner. What i'm asking is which is the "main file" in the src folder so i can rename it 'ino' to work with the arduino IDE and upload it to the esp32 board? I downloaded the esp32 library and all the dependencies that says in the readme.md file. I download the esp32_komoot_ble.zip file. Now how do I get the .cpp and .h files on the arduino IDE and finally my esp32 device. I have been watching tutorial for 1 week now but could not figure it out yet! Thank you for everything guys!

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The file, that you are searching, is the one, which contains the setup() and loop functions: esp32_komoot_ble.cpp

These functions are part of the Arduino framework and wrap the classic main() function. setup() is called once at startup, loop() after it repeating forever.

  • Tank you so much mate! I'm waiting for 'arduino for dummies' book ordered from amazon. Gotta start somewhere, right? Thank you again! Feb 4, 2019 at 15:01

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