I want to build an webradio with my ESP32 and want to decode the mp3Stream with the Vs1053/1003. I´ve tried many libraries, but none of them worked, so I tried to understand the datasheet and I´ve collected some of the important information, but how do I init the VS and send the decoded audio to the VS are THE big questions.

An ESP32, connected to a VS1003/1053 and the Framwork is PlatformIO (Arduino). I think the most important methods are pasted down here....

const uint8_t VS_WRITE = 0b00000010;
const uint8_t VS_READ = 0b00000011;
const uint8_t VS_ADRESS_AUDIO = unknown.....?;

void begin()
    settings = SPISettings(20000000, MSBFIRST, SPI_MODE1);
    //define GPIO´s
    pinMode(dreq, INPUT_PULLUP);
    pinMode(rst, OUTPUT);
    pinMode(cs, OUTPUT);

    digitalWrite(rst, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(cs, HIGH);


    //begin SPI
    SPI.begin(sck, miso, mosi, sck);

void writeBytes(uint8_t adress, uint8_t *data, uint32_t length = 16)
    digitalWrite(cs, LOW);
    //Write writeIntro
    //Write adress
    //Write data
    SPI.writeBytes(data, length);
    digitalWrite(cs, HIGH);

void play(uint8_t *data, uint32_t length)
    writeBytes(VS_ADRESS_AUDIO, data, length);

I wish someone could finally help me with my problem.... If you need more Information for helping, just ask... XD

I´ll give you the GitHub link for the full project: https://github.com/Universumgames/Webradio-ESP32

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