I am trying to make an agv (automated guided vehicle) that will be line following, will have obstacle detection along with dragging 200 kg of weight in drums with wheels. My project is for industrial application. Will my project work on Arduino or will I need to get a microcontroller?

I am a mechanical engineer and it is my first time with electronics so please use as simple language as possible 🙈.

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    An Arduino is a microcontroller. And what's an agv? – Majenko Jan 23 '19 at 15:14
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    @Majenko Automated Guided Vehicle probably. – Michel Keijzers Jan 23 '19 at 15:31
  • Voting no-close: the question is specific; is about Arduino; and can be answered, as two of us have (so far). – JRobert Jan 23 '19 at 20:50

The Arduino board is already built around a micro-controller (the AVR Atmega328p), which has more than enough computation ability to do the job you described. You will need some additional hardware, though. For example:

  • A battery pack capable of running the motors your vehicle will use (or some other means of getting power to them such as a trolley wire or a suspended cable);
  • Motor-drivers, for controlling the power to the motors;
  • Sensors for line-tracking and perhaps obstacle detection;
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Yes, the as long as you let the Arduino control a strong enough motor (or motors) to have the job done. There are plenty of examples of line following robots using an Arduino (which as Majenko wrotes in his comment, IS a microcontroller).

Please take safety into account when needed (especially when humans are around) and if you use existing line following code (probably you should), check for all exceptions and fault conditions that may arise.

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You can do that with arduino, but as you mentioned it will be dragging 200kg so you might need motors with higher torque/current rating. I'd recommend looking for a suitable motor driver of your design specification.

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