I'm currently making a split keyboard, using a Teensy 2.0. My setup I decided to make my two halves communicate over I²C, connected through a 4-cable audio cable. For that I got the following jacks: audio jack, 4 pole. I used a multi-meter to see if I have any shorts, I do not. However, when I plug in the audio cable (only on the teensy side, leave the other side unplugged), and then plug in the USB cable into my laptop, I get the "bad device descriptor" USB error in Windows. If I plug in the Teensy without the audio cable plugged into the jack, I do not get this error.

The legs are connected as follows:

  1. D0
  2. D1
  3. Gnd
  4. VCC

What could cause this issue?

Edit: I just figured (through soldering and desoldering) that this issue occurs when I've got both D0 and D1 (sck and sda) connected. My multimeter does not indicate a short between these two though.

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