I'm currently looking at




The first link is what I'm planning to purchase. I'm a complete noob, so to me I know the only difference is the number of components.Please correct me. The first product has the word 'nano' in it,what does it mean?

Or do you have any other suggestions?

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  • You can start cheaper. For a beginner, a starterkit is easy. However, if it is possible then you can collect things at aliexpress. A arduino uno r3 is less than 3 dollars. A i2c lcd is easier and costs less than 2 dollars. Add two or three small breadboards, wires, resistors and leds. Then you have still enough money to buy something that has your interest. If you buy at aliexpress, show us the links, because some boards are missing components. Both elegoo starterkits are cheap quality but okay. – Jot Jan 13 at 0:45

Nano is one of the many variations of the Arduino board, in particular you can consider it as a replacement for the Arduino Uno with a smaller footprint. But in your case the first kit contains an Arduino Mega board, which is the bigger brother of the Arduino Uno, with more memory and more pins. There's no real best choice here, both kits seem good for a starter, it's more a matter of preferences and opinions: I prefer to have a replaceable chip (a feature unique to the Uno board) in case I burn a pin or something, but the Mega is more powerful and you can do more with it...

If you decide to go for the first one, just remember to mention you have a Mega2560 clone board when asking for help or support: that might be important to understand your questions.

Happy thinkering!

  • It is strange that they offer a "TUTORIAL for Arduino UNO Nano" for a kit containing an Arduino Mega 2560 clone. And an "Arduino UNO Nano" doesn't exist, the official name is "Arduino Nano". – PimV Jan 12 at 12:27
  • My interpretation is they meant Arduino Uno / Nano – Roberto Lo Giacco Jan 12 at 13:47
  • I suspect they just added 'Uno' and 'Nano' to the title to maximise the chances of their product appearing in keyword searches. – sempaiscuba Jan 12 at 16:26

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