I am making a data acquisition system then later I need to transmit that data to the server with GSM Module via MQTT protocol. I want to develop the prototype ASAP. below are the requirements:-

  1. A microcontroller with inbuilt ADC of 16-bit resolution and minimum 50 k sampling rate with atleast 8 analog channels.
  2. need a IDE with easy prototyping of firmware.
  3. Must have an available development board as need to develop its firmware ASAP and do not want to stuck in developing the circuitry.

TI-launchpads were best solution for all above(Energia for easy prototyping, with development board, 1MSPS sampling frequency) but issue is their inbuilt ADC is 12-bit resolution.

Somebody, please tell which development board should I choose with all these capabilities.

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  • With arduino you can't reach 50K sampling frequency. If you want an easy prototyping, Arduino IDE and board are the right choice but you have to use an external ADC. – leoc7 Jan 11 at 8:42
  • That is not possible with an Arduino. Do you need to sample the analog channels simultaneously? I think you need a computer and a data aquisition module. What is your budget? – Jot Jan 11 at 9:16
  • Work your way through the different manufacturers. Use their parametric search facilities (they all have one) to find if there is an MCU that matches your needs. Then examine what development environments are available for that MCU. – Majenko Jan 11 at 17:24
  • 5 seconds on Microchip's website suggests this: microchip.com/wwwproducts/en/ATSAM4E8C - program it in Atmel Studio. – Majenko Jan 11 at 17:28
  • There's a development board available with a slightly higher spec version of the chip: microchip.com/DevelopmentTools/ProductDetails/ATSAM4E-XPRO – Majenko Jan 11 at 17:36