I am using the HM-10 bluetooth module with an Arduino Uno.

I am able to connect HM-10 to my phone just fine using the app lightblue.

My issue is that I cannot use AT commands and by that I mean when I send an AT command in the serial I get an echo response from the arduino but no response from the HM-10. I also can't send any strings to my phone. I am trying to send "Hello" through the arduino serial monitor and I recieve my message on my phone in hex but the message is not correct. I get random numbers instead of what Hello should be. I am also unable to send anything from my phone to the serial monitor.

I am aware that copies of the HM-10 exist. I believe I should have a genuine part. I am using this guide to help me http://www.martyncurrey.com/hm-10-bluetooth-4ble-modules/

If anyone has any knowledge of what my issue could be I would greatly appreciate it

  • Post your code, please. In this way we can help you. – leoc7 Jan 11 at 9:04

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