I found an article here :(Link to the article) entitled "LoraWAN and IOTA: Proof of Concept of storing data in real time in the Tangle" , written by Harm van den Brink (IOTA foundation member).

According to the article, the device that is used in the article is here: Link to the device.

The thing is not clear to me is a general view of the architecture of this approach. That is, is it possible to install IOTA (https://github.com/iotaledger) and Node.js on such small devices that supports LoRaWAN ?

In my opinion, the proposed idea in the article has an architecture like this figure: https://imgur.com/a/ZvkgkBu (Please have a look the figure.)

In which, IOTA and Node.js is installed on an ordinary (normal) computer (instead of installing on small and low power device introduced in the article (Link to the device) In the page of device, you can see the hardware specifications.)

In more general question, is it possible to install IOTA and Node.js on such a small device? Or as the above figure, we have to install IOTA and Node.js on a normal computer which receives the messages from those devices and then encapsulates them in a IOTA transaction and sends the transaction to the IOTA tangle?

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    sure is, you can't install Node.js on ATmega 328p of TTGO T-Deer Pro mini LoRa. (the link to article is wrong) – Juraj Jan 10 at 10:10
  • @Juraj , Thank you. Could you please say that what do the letters "AT" and "328p" mean in ATmega 328p ? Do they refer to hardware specifications? Thanks – sas Jan 10 at 10:19
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    ATmega328p is an 8-bit AVR microcontroler by Microchip used in most Arduinos and clones – Juraj Jan 10 at 10:22
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    so the MQTT server runs on computer with Node.js – Juraj Jan 10 at 10:38
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    they use github.com/TheThingsNetwork/arduino-device-lib or something similar for The Things Network – Juraj Jan 10 at 10:47

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