I bought a Sonoff switch to understand how it connect to my wifi without predefined ssid and pass. But I couldn't understand its logic. When I want to use ESP8266 module with Arduino, how my phone and this device start to communicate with my ssid?

As I understand, Sonoff switch don't save my SSID and password. The application of the device (wWeLink) needs my ssic and password.

The point I don't understand how this software and device communicate?

Thank you

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    Getting Started for Sonoff ewelink.coolkit.cc/?p=126 – Juraj Jan 7 at 14:57
  • esp8266 WiFi Manager - How it works github.com/tzapu/WiFiManager/blob/master/README.md#how-it-works – Juraj Jan 7 at 14:58
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    BTW, you can flash the ESP chip in a Sonoff switch with explicitly defined SSID and Password values to make the process straight forward. Otherwise, I believe that the process is along the lines where the Sonoff turns into an open wifi "hot-spot" for your phone to connect to and down load the information to allow the Sonoff to later turn into a normal wifi client of your wifi router. – st2000 Jan 7 at 15:12
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    and yes, the esp8266 in Sonoff saves your ssid and password once you enter it over the application – Juraj Jan 7 at 16:23

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