I have a MakeBlock mbot bluetooth version. I have mblock 5 installed on my laptop and the BT module on my laptop is BT4.2 (LMP8.256). I tried to add the mbot as a new BT device on my laptop but it always failed. I saw some posts said the laptop needs to run BT4.0. So I bought a BT4.0 USB adapter and plugged it on my laptop and tried to connect. But it didn’t work either. Does anyone have similar issue and how do you work around it? Thanks!

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    what does this mean? tried to connect and didn’t work ............... if you want a good answer, then you need to describe what you tried in detail and describe what the result was in detail – jsotola Jan 6 at 22:05
  • i plugged in the BT4.0 adapter and installed the driver. the adapter showed up in device manager as a bluetooth radio device which is different from the bluetooth device (the build-in bluetooth module on my laptop). however it does not generate an icon which i can double-click and pair mbot with the BT4.0 adapter. i also disabled the build-in bluetooth module and only enabled the BT4.0 adapter to see if it helped. in that case there is no bluetooth icon either. – user3673063 Jan 7 at 7:38
  • the problem i have is my laptop can't pair with MakeBlock mbot which uses Ardiuno Uno. i want to pair my laptop with the mBot. – user3673063 Jan 8 at 6:12

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