So i have been trying to make a ATMega328P-PU using the Arduino bootloader and a computer communicate the same way brands like Logitech and Razer makes their mouse's and keyboard's communicate with their "Gaming software". They are not using serial port communication though and i want to do the same sort of thing with my own program running on Windows and the Arduino sending commands to the program without it showing up in the device manager saying something like "Arduino uno COM2" and the user being able to read the incoming serial data. My question is really how do they do it?? and am i able to do the same thing with a ATMega328P-PU and some sort of usb to serial adapter (or alike)

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    They do it by not using an ATMega328P-PU, for a start. You should begin with something capable of providing a native USB interface - and then change that USB interface profile to be pure HID. – Majenko Jan 6 at 20:28

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