Suppose I want to divide two integer variables and put the result into a float. In order to prevent integer division do I have to program like this:

    int i = 6312;
    int j = 258;
    float f;
    f = i;
    f = i/j;

Or can I straightforward program like below and the compiler makes sure it is handled the 'proper' way:

    f = i/j;
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    why don't you run a test? – jsotola Jan 5 at 23:43

Cast the integers to float before doing the calculation.

float f = float(i) / float(j);


float f = (float) i / (float) j;

Always be clear how the calculation should be done, so the compiler will do what you want it to do.

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    or float f = (float) i / j; – Juraj Jan 6 at 6:39
  • @Juraj, that relies on the compiler to do a float calculation when a float and a int are involved. I prefer to make it clear for someone reading the code and for the compiler what is going on without having to think about it. – Jot Jan 6 at 9:12

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