I am planning to create a project which will take a picture with OV7670 and Arduino Uno with SD card and send it to server with ESP8266.

is it possible to use Arduino Uno(it has only 2k RAM memory)?

  • you now you can buy an IP camera? – Juraj Dec 24 '18 at 18:41
  • I think if you want to save and deploy more than just simple still images in rather big time distances you won't get lucky with the Uno. All the data would have to go through the Uno, which is not a trivial task. Though it may be possible, you should consider using a more capable board. – chrisl Dec 25 '18 at 2:14
  • And why do you want to use the Uno? The ESP is way more powerful (it's not just the wifi functionality) – chrisl Dec 25 '18 at 2:15

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