I'm trying to cut my esp8266 range down to about a meter to save power. I know that I can adjust output power but I don't know enough to understand what a given setting will actually yield.

I can set zero to kill it or 20.5 to set max range, but what setting is appropriate for a meter or so? Is there a rule of thumb?


The actual WiFi range is highly dependent on many more factors than just the TX power:

  1. The antenna gain, directionality, and orientation of the receiver
  2. The antenna gain, directionality, and orientation of the transmitter
  3. The proximity of radio-reflective objects nearby (metal)
  4. The proximity of radio absorbing objects nearby (humans)
  5. RF Black Magic

In practice, test your situation by running a series of tests at lower and lower power settings until you get an unreliable connection, then bump it up a couple of notches from there.

Do not rely on transmitter power for security, however. You cannot stop someone from pointing a high-gain antenna at your device and communicating with it from a distance farther than 1 meter. TX power reduction should primarily be for energy conservation.

  • Thank you. Am I correct in assuming that .01 would be extremely short range and 20.5 would be max range? – acpilot Dec 21 '18 at 3:06
  • The lowest power output is 0; – jose can u c Dec 21 '18 at 3:14

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