I am reading data from an energy meter over modbus protocol and I am getting hex values from there. I want to convert that hex string to floating point value. For example - 0x416f0000 denotes a value of 14.9375.Reference

Can anyone please help me how to do it on Arduino IDE?

  • You mean Modbus ASCII, right? Non-ASCII Modbus doesn't use hex. Dec 11, 2018 at 10:32

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If you do indeed have an ASCII string of hexadecimal numbers (and not a raw binary float), then your best option may be to do the conversion in two steps:

  1. convert the string to a 32 bit unsigned number using strtoul()
  2. reinterpret the binary pattern of this integer as a float.

For example, the following program:

void setup() {
    const char modbus_data[] = "416F0000";
    union {
        uint32_t i;
        float f;
    } data;
    data.i = strtoul(modbus_data, NULL, 16);

    Serial.println(data.f, 4);

void loop(){}

prints 14.9375.

Note that for strtoul() to function properly, the hex string must be followed by a character that is not a valid hex digit (a \0 in the example above).


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