Yeah so i'm wondering if there is any way to take two values assign them as coordinates, take a third value and assign it as brightness, so it starts drawing a grayscale image. Any ideas?

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    Can you try to ask your question less casually and give more specific detail on the problem that needs solving? – MichaelT Dec 5 at 19:22
  • Create a "struct" with three elements as integers, (Xpos,Ypos, and Brightness), Ypou're "image" would be an array of those structures, and then you would write a function for place these pixels on your display device (perhaps an LED or LCD matrix. Thats not very specific, but its a general approach. – Randy Dec 5 at 20:11
  • your question appears to be unrelated to Arduino .... if you want some help, then you have to describe what you are trying to do in more detail .... for example, starts drawing a grayscale image could mean a lot of things, therefore it is a useless statement – jsotola Dec 6 at 6:13

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