Is it possible to make Arduino + CAN-BUS shield as adapter to PC ? Example: I have software "A", which needs CAN data (software gets data itself, and do everything itself). I connect CAN-HIGH, CAN-LOW to a CANBUS shield and with sketch I am able to connect and read the can data.

My question would be, how to transmit all that data to PC (to serial/com) that "A" software would be able to get that candata as well. In other words make Arduino and CANBUS shield to work only as adapter to PC ?

Thanks a lot !


There is John Deere Harvester 2014y. (Tractor) which has very slow computer embedded inside tractor which runs Windows XP. There is CAN connection embedded in that computer (CAN HIGH and CAN LOW, 2 wires).

This is the board of the computer:

Also there is Timbermatic Application (Simple Windows application working under winnt/winxp/win7).

I have arduino + arduino can bus shield which I want just to make as adapter like this (I get those can wires from veichle itself)

My point is to replace that old computer in harvester with a laptop (dont moralise please about vibrations, dust, etc. this is why im mysterious...).

In my opinion, If I connect "adapter" to pc with a Timbermatic application, that application should somehow retrieve CAN DATA and just work (yeah magically). As i read more and more, and try more and more (with a simple car), I start to understand, that till I dont know how software receives that data (in what structure) I cant make any adapter even though Im getting that data, right ?

That computer interfaces CAN port as HID which is possible to forward to COM.

I think I made myself clear, if not please ask. Also thanks for the help already.

  • how does software "A" get the CAN-BUS data usually? – jsotola Nov 28 at 7:33
  • Can make you sure 100%, but as i know it does check for serial data in ports, and if found, just reads it. – Eimantas Gabrielius Nov 28 at 7:42
  • Do you mean, how to copy CAN-BUS data to the serial port? – MatsK Nov 28 at 18:32
  • @EimantasGabrielius, if that is true, then send the CAN-BUS data to the serial port – jsotola Nov 28 at 21:14
  • @jsotola how to ? :) this is the question – Eimantas Gabrielius Nov 29 at 9:38

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