I have a problem with an ESP32 devkit V1 card. I'm trying to connect a WG12864A Winstar mod graphics display via the I2C MCP23017 adapter (RobotDyn), using Nick Gammon's I2C_graphical_LCD_display.h library.

Everything works well by connecting it to the Arduino Uno - Duemilanove board. Loading the sketch LCD_Demo_Using_I2C present in the library is compiled correctly without errors.

If I connect the display to ESP32 devkit V1, I try to compile it I get the following error:

C: \ Users \ Topolino \ Documents \ Arduino \ libraries \ I2C_graphical_LCD_display-master / I2C_graphical_LCD_display.h: 62: 26: fatal error: avr / pgmspace.h : No such file or directory.
Compilation terminated.
exit status 1
Error during compilation for DOIT ESP32 DEVKIT V1 card.

I tried to compile it with PlatformIO presents the usual compilation error. You can help me, someone has some ideas to solve the problem.


The authors of the ESP32 core didn't bother to create a proper set of compatability shims for the PROGMEM system - chiefly because it's not needed for ESP32 operation.

We did for chipKIT, though, and you can grab a copy of ours here and place it in with the core files for the ESP32 in your Arduino installation (you only need the pgmspace.h file, and place it in an avr folder inside the core source folder).

It's completely architecture agnostic and basically defines some pretty much empty macros, and maps _P variants of various functions to the non _P alternatives.

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