How should I connect the ZE11 Ethylene Sensor to an Arduino Uno? I want to know how to attach the pins of the sensor to the Arduino and which resistor I should use. I'm very unprofessional at working with circuits so I most likely will need step-by-step help. To make things easier, I am attaching the datasheet associated with the sensor. The pin identification and technical parameters are on pages 3-4. Also if someone taught me how to do advanced coding for this project then that would be great. Please note that Winsen is a company based in China, so some things can be inaccurate because of translation. Any help is appreciated.

  • Why do you ask "what resistor to use?" To use for what? What makes you think you want a resistor for anything? Do you know what a resistor does? What it is used for?
    – Majenko
    Commented Nov 25, 2018 at 23:20

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Pin 5 & pin 6 are UART Bus. To use UART, connect pin 5 with TX pin on Arduino and pin 6 to RX pin on Arduino. Details about communication settings are at 4th page. I can't find library for that sensor so guess you're on your own.

UART also Know as Serial communication.

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