I am planning on building a DIY light chandelier (of sort).

The build will be four circles of different sizes within eachother. The inner circle has a diameter of 30cm and the other 3 has another 30 cm per circle you go out.

Now I'd like to be able to run three wires independently to each circle of LEDS.

Is it possible to wire one LED strip to D1, another LED strip to D2, a third to D3 and a forth to D4 on the arduino?

According to what I've seen. People usually only use one output and the coding they do also looks like it is not possible. But before coming to any conclusions, I'd ask you guys first

Is it possible to use different data-outputs for different sets of LEDS? (I think I'm gonna use the library FastLED)

I'll do all the programming myself, but not like the usual party led strips people do. I'll do it more like stage lighting, where sections of my LED circles light up to a specific BPM I set. If I every get good enough, I'll probably have my Arduino analyze for the BPM, but that might just be dreaming haha.

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