I am using a KY-005 with an Arduino Uno. I have the knowledge that Arduino can provide a forward current of 40 mA. How can I make it to 55 mA or above upto 60 mA to unlock its full potential, so as to get efficient IR communication without data being distorted at the KY-022 IR receiver?

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First, I think 40 mA to output from a GPIO is not a wise idea, because those are Arduino Pin Current Limitations.

What you can do is:

  • The VCC pin can handle 200 mA. So you can use this pin to power your KY-005 and use a transistor to switch it via a GPIO (much less than 40 mA is needed for that).
  • Or (high likely not needed): use an external power source and use a transistor in the same way.

For knowing all details about using a transistor this way, google for "transistor as switch".

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