I have not already started to try but I'm a good webmaster and I'm just asking which way is more suitable for sending and keeping data from sensors and I/0 state in a database.

Here are some points:

  • Post versus get
  • MySQL or others types
  • Security layers
  • Graphics render of data's (google API?)
  • PHP, ruby, JavaScript...
  • Able to send data request's to Arduino's
  • Ethernet shield, wifi, I2c ???
  • Access via Android app...

Anyway, the goal here is to know pros and cons of integrate all my Arduino through database.

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    This is really vague, and really only tangentially related to arduinos at all. Feb 12 '14 at 6:39

It depends on your skills and what you have in your Arduino "box". Let's assume you have an ethernet or WiFi shield.

I would go with a PHP script (I'm a PHP dev, but any language will fit) that accepts POST requests sent by the board and store them in a SQLite db.

Why SQLite instead of MySQL? Well, it's just a matter of data portability. You copy the SQLite file or send it via email and you're done: there are plenty of clients out there to read your db, in *nix based machines is frequently integrated in the OS.

MySQL requires a sort of "infrastructure" to be written/read.

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