I am wondering if anyone has ever flashed a ATMEGA2560 utilizing a WIZnet 5500? I have looked at this bootloader package but it only supports the 5100. I may have to do it myself but am a little worried as there doesn't seem to be any support/documentation online and I am not the best programmer. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


The latest Ariadne bootloader from 'codebender' is in his 'personal' GitHub repository. It has W5500 support. Per created his fork with better documentation and a hardware package earlier. The loathingKernel's repo still lacks good documentation.

I installed Per's Ariadne package over Board Manager and then I replaced the files in Per's package with files from loathingKernel's repo. The I flashed the bootloader to Mega without problems and the Ariadne bootloader worked for me over W5500.

I configured the upload from IDE too.

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