I want to control my Arduino with USB gamepad. I know that exists library for USB keyboard for Arduino but I don't know any library for usb gamepad. I have PS3 styled gamepad. I dont want to use shield.

Any solution or help?

  • Does the controller act as a HID device?
    – baum
    Aug 16 '18 at 18:32
  • Yes, Windows Device Managers says its HID-compliant game controller
    – A. L. K.
    Aug 16 '18 at 19:06
  • If you've got a 32u4-based Arduino, I would start looking at the HID library, then.
    – baum
    Aug 16 '18 at 19:12
  • and what model is your Arduino?
    – Juraj
    Aug 17 '18 at 5:16

A USB host shield or mini board depending on your Arduino board should work.



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