So I installed libraries through the Arduino interface (Sketch > Include Library > Manage Library). Then I check: C:\Users\username\OneDrive\Documents\Arduino\Libraries, and I confirm the new libraries are there.

However, when I compile I always get the error that Arduino cannot find the library, no matter which one I try to import.

I'm on Arduino 1.8.5, Windows. What am I missing?


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This was a problem with using your OneDrive folder.

duskwuff wrote:

This is a known incompatibility between the Arduino IDE and Microsoft OneDrive. A fix should be available soon; in the meantime, move your Arduino sketches out of the OneDrive folder.

The issue with OneDrive folders has been resolved as of version 1.8.6.


ARDUINO 1.8.6 2018.08.23


  • Updated arduino-builder to 1.4.0:
    • parallel build (improve compile speed)
    • better reuse of already compiled files
    • Windows: fixed build for sketch stored under OneDrive cloud folders

Simply update to a newer version of the Arduino IDE and you will be able to compile and upload your sketch.

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