I'm using the following shields:

1. TINYSCREEN+ (PROCESSOR, OLED & USB IN ONE) https://tinycircuits.com/products/tinyscreenplus

2. 433MHZ LONG RANGE RADIO TINYSHIELD https://tinycircuits.com/collections/communication/products/433mhz-long-range-radio-tinyshield

And here's my code (very simple):

#include <Wire.h>
#include <SPI.h>
#include <TinyScreen.h>
#include "RH_RF22.h"

TinyScreen display = TinyScreen(TinyScreenPlus);
RH_RF22 rf22(7,3);

void setup() {


   SerialUSB.println("Radio Set");
  } else {
   SerialUSB.println("Radio Failed");

The same code if I use it with TinyDuino processor works fine (for TinyDuino I use Serial instead of SerialUSB)


When I use TinyScreen+ instead of TinyDuino processor I never get the return value of "rf22.init()"

It seems like the process gets stuck when it reaches rf22.init()

I am very new in this field and really looking forward to your help.

Thank you,

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