Is it possible to use the 2760342 ultrasonic range sensor with an Arduino Due? The docs say it takes a 5V input, but doesn't specify the output, but I'm assuming it also outputs a 5V signal. Does this make it incompatible with the Due?

I've tested it with an Uno, it it works flawlessly. I've been researching using a Due and some other ARM based single-board computers, but they all seem to use 3.3V, while almost all Arduino shields and sensors use 5V. I'm hesitant to "upgrade" to these boards if I have to purchase an entire new set of shields and sensors. And I have no interest in hacking in some clunky custom voltage level shifter. Why isn't everything standardized on 5V?

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Is this too clunky?


Breadboard Friendly 8-bit Logic Level Shifter, $1.50.

  • Yes. I have no interest in buying an $80 SBC and then spending weeks debugging my own hacky level shifter circuit. That's like buying a new car for $30k and then having to make your own tires...
    – Cerin
    Nov 29, 2014 at 4:25

If your question is "Why isn't everything standardized on 5v?", see this good SO answer: https://electronics.stackexchange.com/questions/135841/voltage-standards-like-3-3v-5v-etc

Bottom line is that the voltage drops as the electronics' technology advances (12v to 5v to 3.3v).

Concretely to your problem, I honestly do not think that a level shifter is somewhat "clunky" solution to your problem, as suggested by mikeY (and as rejected by you). This is the way things are done in the electronics world - when a hardware mismatch arises, there is a hardware adapter to rescue.

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