Where I can do search libraries on WEB, that similar search in IDE? I did not find search page on arduino.cc


The online analog of the Arduino IDE's Library Manager search feature is located here:


That website is generated from the same index file Library Manager uses:



You get widest search with Google. Write "arduino" and then the device or topic name.

Most of the libraries have a GitHub repository. You can use a search field on GitHub.

A list of selected libraries sorted by topic is on Arduino playground.

  • A good way to discover Arduino libraries on GitHub is the arduino-library topic: github.com/topics/arduino-library. It only contains repositories where the owner has bothered to add the topic but that's somewhat an indicator of how actively maintained the project is. – per1234 Apr 18 '18 at 14:20

You can search the PlatformIO Library Database. It covers libraries for many architectures and platforms, but if you add framework:arduino to the start of your search it narrows it down to just Arduino libraries.

From there you can go to the homepage or repository for a library you want.

It doesn't have all libraries, only the ones that have been set up for PlatformIO support, but that is quite a lot of libraries now.

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