Serial.println("CLEARDATA"); //clears up any data left from previous projects
Serial.println("LABEL,time,load reading(gm),microwave output,CO sensor,sound data,magnetic sensor "); //always write LABEL, so excel knows the next things will be the names of the columns (instead of Acolumn you could write Time for instance)
Serial.println("RESETTIMER"); //resets timer to 0

//pinMode(AOUTpin, INPUT);//sets the pin as an input to the arduino 
// pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT);//sets the pin as an output of the arduino 
Serial.println("HX711 calibration sketch");
Serial.println("Remove all weight from scale");
Serial.println("After readings begin, place known weight on scale");
Serial.println("Press + or a to increase calibration factor");
Serial.println("Press - or z to decrease calibration factor");

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    Please include the entire setup() function. – Craig Apr 13 '18 at 16:58
  • Serial.begin(9600); is missing – PhillyNJ Apr 14 '18 at 0:02

There can be different reasons, among:

  • The speed of the serial port does not match with the serial 'monitor'
  • The speed of the serial port is not set at all (can cause first problem)

I don't see this before the print statements: Serial.begin(9600); // or some other speed

That will prevent anything from printing.

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