I use ESP8266 and ESP32 with arduino toolchain rather than pure arduino hardware. Arduino IDE is standard and proven but what are the other IDE and advantage/disadvantage ?

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Not an exhaustive list. Most advantages will be subjective.

  • UECIDE - Wide variety of boards, not only Arduino, better editor and serial monitor, plug-in based modules.
  • PlatformIO (Available as plugin for Atom editor, MS Visual Studio and Eclipse IDE) - Automatic library updating, one ini file that defines project settings and external libraries, making projects portable to other users without having to download all external libraries.
  • Arduino IDE for Visual Studio - For those who like VS?
  • Arduino Makefiles - More like old-school command-line coding, Linux-style development. Not an IDE.
  • Eclipse - Another quite popular IDE outside Arduino world.
  • Atmel/Microchip Studio 7 - Provided by the manufacturer of the AVR chips. "Arduino" sketches may not compile without changes to make them more like standard C++.
  • VisualMicro is a powerfull addon to Visual Studio 201x (no command line needed and intellisense work). That's the best solution for ESP/arduino developpement in my opinion. The free version is really complete to make tests. VisualGDB is also a good tool to debug (JTAG necessary) but only for ESP tool chain (arduino could be added is future release said in the forum...). – E.Racineux Apr 5 '18 at 20:42

For example, Eclipse IDE with Sloeber plugin is much better than Arduino IDE. You have all the features of Eclipse (coloring, error highlighting, auto-complete, open declaration ('drill down' to libraries), ...*). And every project has own settings (board settings, port, programmer ...). And the Arduino IDE buttons Upload, Verify, Session Monitor are there and the Arduino toolchain too.

*... projects management, version control, TODO lists, outline, ...

  • I have a very bad experience of ECLIPSE at school last year. Lot of parameters hard to adjust and too much bugs... Visual studio (and code version) are robust days after days. – E.Racineux Apr 6 '18 at 22:54

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