Good day, I have a sensor which supports serial data output using RS422 which has 4 wires (RX+, RX-, TX+, TX-) my question is how can I connect this sensor to the Arduino. I read that i can use 2 max485 chips to do this but uncertain of the exact procedure. Thanks in advance.


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There are pre-made and very inexpensive Arduino RS-485 modules available on Ebay or Amazon. Much simpler than building your own circuit.

They look like this:

RS-485 Module


The MAX490 chip consists of DI (pin 3) and RO (pin 2) pins that connect to the Arduino TX and RX respectively. the rs-422 side of the chip consists of pin 5 (Y / T+), Pin 6 (Z / T-), pin 7 (B / R-) and pin 8 (A / R+)


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