I am trying to get the ESP8266 work with Arduino AT commands. I am using the due. How do I get the ESP8266 to respond with anything other than ERROR?

Here is the current serial output:


Here is my code:

void setup() {
    Serial3.begin(115200); //Manufacture said this is the correct baud rate      

void loop() {
    if ( Serial3.available() ) {  Serial.write( Serial3.read() );  }

    if ( Serial.available() )  {  Serial3.write( Serial.read() );  }

Here are my pin connections:

RX3  -> ESP TX
TX3  -> ESP RX
3.3V -> CH_PD + VCC

The AT firmware responded with ERROR because it received data, but timed out waiting for the CR/LF line ending.

AT commands must be terminated with Carriage Return '\r' and Line Feed '\n' control bytes/characters.

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