I was wondering if the Arduino Create app for the chrome browser can be used to program an atmega328 based arduino nano clone.(I need that app so that the arduino can be programmed using a chromebook). When I researched the compatible boards, I found that the official arduino nano(atmega328 based)is supported, but I was wondering if the software(see first link) can also work with the nano clone(see second link). A thing that caught my eye was that in the second link, it says that the clone uses a different driver because it doesn't have an FT232R chip, so would this cause a problem with the Arduino Create software?

  • You should be able to compile programs; if you can upload them or not does come down to if that apparent CH340 chip is supported. If you find out it isn't then a logic-level USB serial adapter with a supported chip should be a workaround. – Chris Stratton Feb 21 '18 at 3:29
  • @ChrisStratton thanks for the reply. To be on the safe side I am planning to get this instead: amazon.com/Elegoo-EL-CB-001-ATmega328P-ATMEGA16U2-Arduino/dp/… Would this work with the arduino create software, since it uses an atmega 16u2 which I believe is the same as/similar to the programmer on the official arduino uno(which is supported by Arduino Create) – zack1544 Feb 21 '18 at 21:54

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