I just started to move from the Arduino firmware to the esp-idf firmware. I read that link. I learn that I have to include libraries creating a component files, with a component.mk file, *.c, *.cpp files and an include/ folder for *.h files. That was ok for most of libraries I had to include, except for the SD card library, more precisely the Sd2PinMap.h header.

It seems that ESP32 is not recognized:

$(IDF-PATH)/Project/components/SD/include/Sd2PinMap.h:510:2: error:
#error Architecture or board not supported.

but with the Arduino firmware, there were no problems.

I checked make menuconfig options, but I didn't find a way to make it work for an ESP32 board... Any ideas ?

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    So, this question is about non-Arduino hardware running non-Arduino firmware? – Jaromanda X Feb 3 '18 at 0:44
  • It's about moving from Arduino, to another firmware. I was thinking that arduino.stackexchange was more appropriate for this than stackoverflow, which is too broad. Where am I supposed to ask this ? – BuzzRage Feb 3 '18 at 17:06
  • Don't get me wrong, I wasn't saying you can't ask, I was just clarifying what your issue was – Jaromanda X Feb 3 '18 at 23:57
  • espressif esp32 forum esp32.com – Juraj Feb 4 '18 at 18:26

Okay, the solution was simple, I just had to pull the update for the SD Card library, mine was outdated. Thank you all.

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