I want to build a 6 axis robot arm. Probably i will use Nema 17 and 14 stepper motors with 2A-3A. For these motor types i need stepper drivers. I searched for driver arrays but can not find a product. Do you know one? If not:

  • Are all steppers working with 5V?
  • Did someone build a driver (PCB with chip)?
  • Which chips can i use?

Thank you.

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The NEMA specification dictates the dimensions of the motor, but generally not the electrical specifications. The voltage used to drive the coils on steppers is part of the motor's electrical specifications, found on the data sheet for the motor.

5V is probably not the most common coil voltage for a stepper, unless it's relatively small or weak motor.

There are several stepper motor modules, making use of a variety of discrete components and/or dedicated driver ICs.

Hobby type steppers are often bi-polar, and have 2 sets of coils, and thus you need 2 independent H-Bridges to properly drive it.

Some available driver ICs and modules that use them include:

Allegro MicroSystems' A4988

TI DRV8825, TI DRV8880, TI DRV8834


It should be easy to find boards based around chips like these to drive your stepper from an Arudino.

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