I'm trying to send the byte 0x5A (0b01011010) on the serial output of an Arduino Due. My program is based on this example project, but I've stripped out all the unrelated parts:


extern crate sam3x;

pub mod rust_base;
use sam3x::*;
use sam3x::hal::peripherals::{Peripheral};
use sam3x::drivers::led::{Led};
use sam3x::hal::rtt::{init_timer, wait_ms};
use sam3x::hal::pmc;
use sam3x::hal::uart;

pub static VECTOR_TABLE: VectorTable =
    VectorTable {
        reset_handler : start,
        exceptions    : [0; 14],

fn start() -> ! {

    let led = Led::connect(Peripheral::PioB, 27).expect("Wrong pin for led.");
    let tx = uart::Tx::init(uart::BR_9600);

    let mut led_on = true;
    loop {

        if led_on {
        } else {
        led_on = !led_on;

As you can see, all I do is send out the byte 0x5A four times a second, with some LED blinking just to show the program is running.

My problem is that if I connect a serial terminal program with 9600-8N1 settings, I am not getting 0x5A; instead, I am getting mostly 0xBA, and sometimes a 0x9A slips through.

Writing out the bits:

0101 1010    5A
1011 1010    BA
1001 1010    9A

Note that the lower nybble is always correct, which is why I don't think it's a serial communication setting issue; also, it's pretty clear from uart::Tx::init's implementation that it defaults to no parity bits.

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It seems this error is specific to the Rust ARM library I am using; quoting from https://github.com/klangner/sam3x/issues/9:

It looks that at bound rate=9600 the timer sends data with the speed of ~888. And then computer can't understand the output.

Based on this, I started playing around with the baud rate I pass to the library when initializing it, and using 11000 instead of 9600 empirically seems to work (i.e. I am seeing a steady stream of 0x5A on my PC receiving at 9600).

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